A real change or a false dawn?

Manifestaciones en España. Foto subida por tuitero anónimo.

In view of what is happening around the world, when the various interests oppose each other with an astonishing force, when so many people are demanding real change, when so many people are uniting to demand justice and true welfare, and when those who hold power do it with an increasingly stupid and cruel obstinacy, then we must pause to ponder on the historical moment that goes by and what role we play in it.

Those in power have been afraid that the revolutions that are bursting will have a dominoe effect. Those who are the unprotected population, those stripped from any benefits, those who are victims and who are discriminated, are no longer afraid.

The media that serves the interests of those in power, of the capitalist, strive to find ways to get us scared and paralyzed. News that show unconnected data, that try to make a crude appeal to sentimentality and not reflection, that bombard us with images and descriptions of the most heinous acts of violence only to trivialize them by not answering to why these acts occur, the news, shielded under the banner of ‘objectivity’, that are unable to discern between their scattered contents and highlight the really important news, the news that masquerade themselves as objective information to transmit an oppressive ideology, these news only served to corrupt, discredit and terrorize a revolutionary population, especially the vast population that is potentially revolutionary.

Given these global tensions between the conflicting interests that the contradictions of capitalism and racial, sexual-gendered and cultural oppression that go with them have raised, these media, which serve as spokesmen for the powerful, are losing credibility and support . If they have never been democratic media, now they are even less when the world’s populations have a new media at hand that largely (but we still need to know up to what point) are able to allow true information democracy, where citizen participation is direct. I think we can say that the media are in crisis, mired in the same crisis that is choking the stock exchanges, governments´ credibility, the military and the religious institutions.

In this new scenario where the information becomes more diverse, spread, shared and discussed with greater ease and fluidity, key question arises: what are the criteria? Who to believe? What is the truth? The very appearance of these questions, as an obvious and inescapable fact, I believe is an achievement in itself because it shows the awakening of a critical need, a necessary search for the correct criteria to form an opinion of what is happening and give effective meaning to the world in which we live in. However, this awakening is always accompanied by the concrete and material conditions that enable our life, now determined by the economic, social and cultural crisis we live and, therefore, this new challenge has a specific intent, a particular direction. It is a truly revolutionary critical awakening as it is expanding in a direction contrary to that which has taken this capitalist, oppressive, genocidal, racist, classist, sexist and ecocidal system.

I share the belief of Amnesty International: We are at a crucial point in the history of humanity. It´s a time of necessary and profound global and historical change. Whether this hangs from a thread, as A.I. believes, whether these global movements fall again into the old oppressive forces only with new names and appearances or represent true chance, is something that depends on each one of us. Therefor, we must start to ask ourselves what we are doing now and what future each of our actions project. Me must stop feeling helpless! Stop being afraid! Stop believing that nothing will change! Given the radical nature of the problems, we must go for radical transformations.

I leave you with the video of the Amnesty International Report 2011:

Here is the link to the 2011 Annual Report of AI by region (found to the right of video): Amnesty International Annual Report 2011



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