Soft fabric

For Bret and those who are too lucid to play along

Moments intertwined

texture of what we grasp

strings that attach the unknown

to our fingertips


we are spinning the wheel

too fast

all engaged in the same dance


strings that make sense

strings that put us in place

invisible and strong

holding our vision together

our clothing our warmth our prestige and our intelligence

also sustaining the differences

the definitions

the borders

the solitude


dividing what I read and what I cry for

what you drink and what you pay for

dividing your name from mine

our name from the earth we constantly push



where fear resides


can we untangle ourselves

put it all in one

just wrap it up in a single sphere

and let the cat play

with our peaceful ball of yarn?


I hope to be worthy

of resting

in the soft fabric that holds and forgets

and I trust this daring spirit

to be silent and grateful

when the coldness comes and the sun declines


Painting by Dean Gazeley


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